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We're Published!!!

This has been a big week for TriChord. Sisters in Law just released an article on our styled shoot, entitled Elegant Bohemian Wedding in Powder Pink & Orange Hues. Thanks to Linda Lyons at Lyons Events, it happened! And we are so thankful.

I particularly love the attention they give to our tables. 4 pictures of our tables were included in the article along with this statement: "Our favorite part of this shoot is the table setting. It is so detailed, yet with only a few items. This way it doesn’t run the risk of being either over the top or too little. We also love the colors here, especially the different colored drinking glasses."

Unfortunately we were credited with the Bride's hair piece (which cannot be seen in the photos) and no one was credited with the table settings! Strange! I've alerted everyone I know about the discrepancy so will just wait to see if it's corrected.

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