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Let's talk Thanksgiving Tables

Today I felt a need to plan for Thanksgiving. I realize that most of us will think this is too early, considering we still haven't celebrated Halloween. But now that my kiddos are older, I no longer concentrate on the Halloween decor and costumes. And besides, I just finished making the most delectable Halloween sprinkle cookies, so back to Thanksgiving...

Last year our home table is depicted above. I am still in love with the tranquility of this look. I concentrated on a white palette but added color with the Johnson Brothers brown transfer ware. As a result, I was able to layer the brown charger on the already existing white windowpane charger/placemat. And the tiny bit of cranberry on the plates' rooftop pic encouraged my decision to add our crimson napkins and some of my favorite goblets with the same color shades.

For the floral arrangement, I concentrated on whites as seen in the roses, freesia, and hypericum berries. The deep reds were seen in large mums (that reminded me of my favorite dahlias), the most gorgeous ruffled roses, a deep burgundy freesia, and the darkest blackberry scabiosas you can imagine. And just for some interest, I added more freesia in a pink. The pennycress greenery I picked up was so light and airy and I just loved it's lime colored flair to make the reds pop. It's worth mentioning that the best places I've found to grab a variety of flowers such as these are Trader Joe's and Market Street.

In the past I've concentrated on putting single buds in some of our miniature vases and old fashion elixir bottles. But last year, I chose to make one large centerpiece. Then I scattered white mini pumpkins, brass candlesticks, votives, and only 1 single white rose on either side of the large bouquet. Again, because there was little color, it all blended so well.

As much as I love this transferware and find it perfect for a fall setting, I believe I want to try something different this year. My daughter and I are leaning towards a very pale palette. We're thinking of using our new seagrass chargers, mismatched white/cream dinner plates, white napkins, and clear goblets. Then in the middle of the table we may attempt something different. We're thinking of layering eucalyptus, white pumpkins and a few brass candlesticks with white candles. And to add only the slightest color, I'll add a single antique blue pumpkin. Yikes, the thought of not using flowers is already hurting me!!!

So now, I'll just need to look through our inventory (both business and personal) to make sure I have everything. If I find anything missing, I'll start a list on my phone and know that having almost 2 months to find everything will be easy-peasy.

Stay tuned and I'll post a pic of our final table. And Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

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