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DIY Nosegay

When my daughters' were in high school they wore wrist corsages to homecoming. Although these are still being made and in many cases preferred by some females, the nosegay hit the scene about 10 years ago.

A nosegay is simply a small bouquet that the gentleman brings to his date. Of course, the flowers will match the girls dress. And if the gentleman is lucky, his girl will bring him a boutonniere.

This past weekend was my youngest child's Homecoming. Like many years, I made the nosegay and boutonniere for this couple. I'll show just how easy (and quick) it is to create one of these beauties. I will post my video on how to make the boutonniere in another post.

Here is a list of needed materials:

  • flowers (12 roses for a simple one)

  • scissors

  • knife

  • stem cutter

  • floral tape

  • ribbon

  • 3 floral pins

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