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DIY Wedding Flowers - Part 1

Before Pinterest was born, my oldest daughter and I would purchase Wedding magazines, tear out our favorite pictures, and categorize them in a file. Yep, that's the old fashion way! But in all honesty, it was only 15 years ago! Well, today we have this beautiful Pinterest app where we can "pin" our favorite pics and categorize them perfectly, by adding them to our preferred "Board."

How many of us have looked at a million pictures of wedding flowers and said, "This is exactly what I want, except I'd like to take this white carnation out and add an ivory peony"? I certainly have! Many brides show their Pinterest boards to their newly hired florist and the florist does her best to give that exact look! But that can be VERY costly! Did you know that flowers are among the top 5 wedding expenses? But we need them! Those gorgeous blooms have the ability to turn a simple wedding into a romantic dream. And who doesn't want the smell of roses in the air while they're walking down the aisle?

So there you have it: We need flowers at our weddings and honestly, I would suggest having at least 1 arrangement at all small gatherings, such as dinner parties too. But how can I make my event look and smell glorious without paying the cost?

It's actually quite easy! It will take some homework, but with my suggestions, you will be able to create your own wedding bouquet, aisle runner, bridesmaid bouquets, and table arrangements, yourself. First, I will attempt to lay out the basics here, and later will breakdown each step in subsequent blog posts.

To begin, start pinning those dream flowers on your boards. When you've spent at least a month doing this, take a look at your pins and decide what style you see emerging. Do you like the more refined arrangements? Or are they more free-form? This is an important step, before proceeding.

Next, based on your style, decide where you want the flowers. Some suggestions would be:

  1. Backdrop (at the ceremony)

  2. Aisle

  3. Bride's bouquet

  4. Bridesmaid's bouquets

  5. Groom/Groomsmen boutineers

  6. Mother's corsage

  7. Flower girls pedals

  8. Any other areas of the church

  9. Individual reception tables

  10. Serving areas

  11. Any other areas of reception venue

  12. The Bridal Suite

Next, start considering which flowers make your heart soar and what colors will blend well with your wedding? Sometimes the colors you choose will lead your choice of flower selection. But sometimes your choice of flower will dictate your choice of colors. However, if you are really brave, you can combine both techniques and pick out your flowers by using a combination of flowers you cannot live without AND your preferred color scheme.

Now get started on that pinning girls! I'll address colors and seasonal flowers in my next post!

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